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摘要: 今天朗阁小编为大家分享的是2019年6月2日GRE填空考题回顾,并且还为大家进行了题目解析,备考GRE的考生赶快来看看吧。 GRE Test Review (Pool) Section:VERBAL- Text Completion Arranger: Walker Wang Date: 6/14/2019 Pool Number: 2-6 Within the cultu

GRE Test Review (Pool) ??
Section:VERBAL- Text Completion ?
Arranger: Walker Wang
Date: 6/14/2019
Pool Number:
Within the culture as a whole, the natural sciences have been so successful that the word “scientific” is often used in (i)_____ manner: it is often assumed that to call something “scientific” is to imply that its reliability has been (ii)_____ by methods whose results cannot reasonably be (iii)_____.
A. an ironic D. maligned G. exaggerated
B. a literal E. challenged H. anticipated
C. an honorific F. established I. disputed
Analysis 答案:CFI
分析:第一空和so successful并列,所以第一空选C选项,第二空实际上是重复了第一空的评价,所以第二空选F选项,第三空简单逻辑推理即可找到答案,确立的东西自然是不能轻易被反驳,所以第三空选I选项。
Pool Number:
Many of the towns that have voted to keep incinerators in the county’s solid waste plan have done so not because they necessarily (i)_____ incinerators, but because they are?(ii)_____ to narrow their waste-disposal options.
A. question D. willing
B. favor E. eager
C. oppose F. loath
Analysis 答案:BF
Pool Number:
Many fairy tales are complex narratives of wish fulfillment. They teach the reader that a struggle against severe difficulties in life is (i)_____, that it is an intrinsic part of human existence, and that if one does not (ii)_____, but steadfastly meets unexpected and often unjust hardships, one masters all obstacles and at the end (iii)_____.
A. atypical D. preserve G. elicits adversities
B. unavoidable E. improvise H. emerges victorious
C. insurmountable F. shy away I. evades achievements
Analysis 答案:BFH
分析:根据an intrinsic part得知对抗困难是一件不可避免的事情,所以第一空选B选项,第二空根据not...but...结构推知选steadfastly meet(与…交战)的反义,所以第二空选F选项,第三空和master(克服) all obstacle并列,所以第三空选H选项。
Pool Number:
Tagore had a sharply defined sense of the (i)_____ of scientific inquiry. The fact that science dealt in statistics and numbers, that its logic was probabilistic, meant that the domain of moral questions (ii)_____ it: moral questions, for Tagore, required certainties, not probabilities.
A. irrationality? D. guarded over
B. limits E. lay outside
C. futility F. was subject to
Analysis 答案:BE
Pool Number:
Early practitioners of the natural sciences developed methods to remove distortions caused by either the research environment or the researcher. Such methods, especially with respect to the researcher, were considered to (i)_____ those (ii)_____ subjectivity whose unbridled expression was thought to (iii)_____ research.
A. restrain D. incursions of? G. corrupt
B. reveal E. restrictions on H. justify
C.?disguise F. acknowledgements of I. expedite
Analysis 答案:ADG
Pool Number:
While some commentators suggest that abstraction and complexity in scientific research are signs that a given direction is misguided, Lisa Randall, a professor of physics at Harvard, counters that these qualities instead reflect the success of human ingenuity in (i)_____ the increasingly (ii)_____ challenges that nature presents. They can, however, make it more (iii)_____ to communicate scientific developments, even to colleague.
A. creating D. difficult G. challenging
B. meeting E. conspicuous H. unproductive
C. eschewing F. pragmatic I. advantageous
Analysis 答案:BDG
分析:LR反对之前的观点,所以第一空要体现人类聪明才智能够克服一下挑战,所以第一空只能选B选项,这里的meet要理解为“应对”,第二空对应前文的abstraction and complexity,所以选D选项,第三空however再一次转折,所以空格又需要表明一个abstraction and complexity造成的负面的评价,所以选G选项最合适。
Pool Number:
While normal floods resulting from usual monsoon rainfall are _____ the growth of crops, recently there has been an increase in the frequency of high-intensity floods that do not have such welcome effects.
A. conducive to
B. hindered by
C. devastating for
D. deleterious for
E. essential for
F. indispensable to
Analysis 答案:EF
分析:空格对应后面的such welcome effects,所以正确答案选EF选项,
Pool Number:
Some have argued that naming scientific discoveries after the people who make them can _____ scientific progress, because the nomenclature lacks useful clarity, having no relationship to the underlying principles that govern nature.
A. hamper?
B. abet
C. instigate?
D. obscure?
E. nullify?
F. impede?
Analysis 答案:AF
分析:通过后文的lacks useful clarity和having no relationship to the underlying principle that govern nature得出空格要填入一个引起负评价的东西,正确答案选AF选项。
Pool Number:
The _____ of biographies of antebellum capitalists is particularly striking in contrast with the abundance of life stories of industrialists in later eras.?
A. brevity?
B. banality?
C. utility?
D. paucity?
E. triteness?
F. dearth
Analysis 答案:DF
分析:in contrast with the abundance,说明空格选abundance的反义词,正确答案选DF选项。
Pool Number: 64-3 In the years prior to the Civil War, Philadelphia’s African American press encourage readers to be vaccinated against smallpox. This journalistic campaign was initially (i)_____, appealing to readers sense of communal duty, and became even more (ii)_____ once the war started, as smallpox outbreaks began to occur on Philadelphia’s outskirts.
A. hortatory? D. controversial
B. ineffective? E. urgent?
C. widespread? F. inopportune
Analysis 答案:AE
分析:even more能看看出前后两个空格有递进关系,appearing to说明刚开始只是一种劝告,吸引大家做这件事,后来变得紧急了,符合这个递进关系的是AE选项。
Pool Number:69-3 Throughout much of the twentieth century, common scientific sense seemed to dictate that animals could not make a choice based on rational or aesthetic criteria. Such choices were (i)_____ the mental capacity of humans. Scientists who (ii)_____ this animal-human cognitive division were often accused of anthropomorphism.?
A. reserved for D. accepted
B. inconsistent with E. transgressed
C. similar to F. exacerbated
Analysis 答案:AE
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